There are two different types of skin peels, one being a Resurfacing Peel and one being a Chemical Peel. They are some of the most effective treatments in targeting and improving skin concerns and conditions.


Are superficial exfoliating Peels. They work on the top layers of the skin, this doesn’t require any down time or any visible shedding or peeling of the skin.  Slight redness or a flushed appearance may be present for 30-45 minutes following the treatment, in some cases. Ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Salicylic, Essential Enzyme’s, Glycolic, Plant Based Stem Cells are a few used in our Clinical  based treatments and are all very hydrating as well as stimulating on the skin. They are designed to help the overall function of the skin, increase cell turnover and target any concerns. Each ingredient has its own purpose depending on what the concern is. Resurfacing peels are the perfect way to start your skin journey, starting the process of correcting your skin while maintaining good health and function within. They are also best suited to prep your skin for more advanced clinical treatments.


Are a deeper exfoliation to the skin, they have the ability to reach lower into the levels of the skin to treat a wide variety of concerns. These treatments are active within the skin even after you leave the clinic, ensuring it reaches correct depth, maximizing the best possible outcome for you. Although this does mean, this treatment requires down-time. Immediately following the treatment, you may be Red, flushed, feel slightly warm and have a slight ‘Frosting’ affect on the Skin. Frosting is a slight white like residue that forms when Peels have reached the dermis (lower layers of the skin). After care is recommended to ensure the skin heals in the correct way and to ensure maximum results. You may experience shedding of the skin, slight discoloration – depending on the concern being treated and Erythema (reddening) of the skin for 3-10 days post this treatment. Each individual skin will vary.

Both Peels are suitable for treating a wide range of skin concerns and conditions.