Micro Needling is the latest Treatment in the world of ‘Skin’, providing Laser Resurfacing like results without the intense down-time. It is the best Treatment you can have to make your Skin look younger and give you a fresher complexion & reduce Scarring


Skin Needling is designed for Scar Reduction Therapy and also Collagen Induction Therapy. It works with micro needles to break through the tissue within the skin, to stimulate new cell turnover. The body goes into a wound healing response after stimulating all the cells in the deeper layers of the skin, which then sends all the cells (like pac men) to the area, this creates new collagen, elastin and overall new cell generation.

This treatment is very clinical and a sterile environment is required to perform the treatment. The skin is topically numbed prior to the treatment, the topical anesthetic takes up to an hour, the treatment itself takes around 45minutes. A 1.5-2 hour treatment in total. Aftercare and ensuring you look after your skin and follow all the correct steps post your Needling is a must. Downtime can be expected to be anywhere from 5-7 days post the treatment, keeping in mind, each individual skin varies. Please see below the healing process and what to expect.

Skin Needling is most affective when performed in a course of treatments. Generally 3-6 treatments will give you your best results, these are performed 4-6 weeks apart.

This treatment is perfect to help with many different Skin Concerns and helps to:

    • Refines Open pores
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Scarring and Acne scarring
    • Pigmentation and discoloration
    • Skin texture and tightness

Collagen stimulation happens over a longer period of time. Initially you will see an overall ‘fresher’ and clearer complexion, but over a period of 6-12 months is when you will see full term results. As long as your Skin has been appropriately prepped, in Clinic we required all skins to be prepped, Any skin type is suitable to have the treatment done.

Clients who Keloid Scar (raised and purple in color), suffer from any inflammatory skin conditions such as Rosacea, pregnant or are on Blood Thinners cannot have this treatment done.

SKIN REDNESS This is a completely normal response post skin needling (looks like mild sunburn) and usually disappears within a period of a few hours. In most cases the skin will be back to normal by the following morning. Depending on what you are treating, if the depth of the needle is greater or you are treating scarring for example, some redness may still be visible the next day. If this applies to you and you are concerned about having the treatment done during work hours, having this done at the end of the week is the best option, so you have the weekend to relax & give your skin time to recover before you go back to work on Monday. You can also cover any redness with a tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup.

DRY/FLAKY OR ROUGH SKIN This is a very common side effect of Skin Needling treatment and you can expect to experience this anywhere from 3-7 days after. Especially when using greater needle depths and/or using firm pressure whilst needling. It will last a few days at most and is nothing to worry about as it is simply the skin going through the healing process. We do a follow up treatment 7-10 days following your needling which is either a Microdermbrasion & LED or Resurfacing Peel & LED. This will help shift any dead cell material on the skin and accelerate the healing process.

INFLAMMATION This may sometimes occur in individuals with slightly more sensitive skin or clients where we have performed Scar Reduction Therapy. Inflammation is an ideal response within the Skin. You can expect to have inflammation present anywhere from immediately after the treatment to 3 days post (worst case).

SUN SENSITIVITY Your skin will be more sensitive in general, but also to the sun for a few days post your treatment. Avoiding any sun exposure is advised and protecting the skin with SPF prior to and post the treatment is essential.